To use any of these models you first need to download LPG Tools by ficedula.

Also the DLL File for it to work

To start you need create a new folder called Battle in

C:\Program Files\Square Soft, Inc\Final Fantasy VII\data\battle

Then open LPG tools find File, Open LPG and look for the Battle LPG

Its in the same location as above.

Then Extract it in to the newly created Battle folder.

Create a backup of Battle.LPG

Then you need to pack Battle folder back into an LPG achieve file using the LPG tool and replace the original Battle.LPG.

Custom Weapons

- Decompile your battle.LGP.
- Paste on the created folder the files you just download.
- Open Pcreator, load the .3ds file in the rar and select in 'Options'>Battle Model.
- Then go to 'File' and select 'Open battle HRC'...
- Open RTAA for Cloud
- Open RUAA for Tifa
- Open RVAA for Aeris
and set the numer of textures to 10. Then close Pcreator.
- Compile again the battle.LGP with LGPTools.
- put in FFVII/data/battle floder.
- Play with the new Swords!.

Sword Mod Patch

Potion Mod Patch

The Password for the Mods is Qhimm

Heres a Link to Slayersnext Forum Page

Clouds Swords

Hardedge Created by Slayersnext

Hard Edge

Mythril Saber Created by Slayersnext

Mythril saber

Heavens Cloud Created by Slayersnext

Heavens cloud

Rune Blade Created by Slayersnext

Rune Blade

Murasame Created by Slayersnext


Nailbat Created by Slayersnext


Potion Created by Slayersnext