Special thanks to Covarr for writing this tutorial here is a link to the forum were it was created.

1. Download this zip file


·FF7Music 1.51

·Highly Experimental 2.09, aka in_psf.dll

(I have also included its readme and history, as per Neill Corlett's requirements for redistribution)

·MAD MP3 Decoder Plugin, aka in_mad.dll

(I used this because older versions of in_mp3.dll don't work with x64 operating systems, and newer versions don't work with FF7Music)

·out_wave.dll (taken from an older version of Winamp, because recent versions don't work with FF7Music. I think it was Winamp 2.7, but I'm not sure.)

·ficedula.dll (Latest Versions)

·ficeconsole.dll (Older versions both included in the above download (1))

·My own ff7music.ini

2. Extract the contents of this zip file into your Final Fantasy VII directory

(usually "C:\Program Files\Square Soft, Inc\Final Fantasy VII\" for Win32, "

C:\Program Files (x86)\Square Soft, Inc\Final Fantasy VII\"on Vista x64 and Win7 x64).

3. In the "ficedula" directory which should have been unzipped, open FF7Music.exe and click Configure.

4. In the "Setup" tab (where you should probably start out), change where it's looking for the input and output plugins.

The ff7music.ini file included assumes the game is installed to "C:\FF7" as it is on my machine, but yours is probably in a different place

(one of the locations I mentioned in step 2).

Use in_psf.dll for PSX rips (.psf files) and in_mad.dll for MP3s. The output plugin will always be out_wave.dll)
5. In the "Files" tab, select a profile to work with.

The ff7music.ini file I included already has profiles for the remastered soundtrack (though you'll have to put all the songs in the same folder),

and the PSF collection available at

If you wish to use anything else, you'll have to set up the songs individually yourself.

Fortunately, TwilightFantasy had a list of what songs were what, so you'll know what you're doing if you edit it.

Quote from: TwilightFantasy on 2006-03-13 19:43:15

aseri - Hurry
aseri2 - Hurry Faster
ayasi - Lurking In The Darkness
barret - Barret's Theme
bat - Fighting
bee - Honeybee Manor
boo - The Flow Of Life / Lifestream
bokujo - Farm Boy
canyon - The Valley Of The Fallen Star - Cosmo Canyon
cannon - The Makou Cannon Is Fired (not including Shinra Explodes)
cephiros - Those Chosen By The Planet
chu - Still More Fighting
chu2 - J-E-N-O-V-A
chase - Crazy Motorcycle
cinco - Cinco De Chocobo
cintro - Those Chosen By The Planet (edit: Should be Sephiroth intro, but most collections don't seem to have this)
condor - Fortress Of The Condor
costa - Costa Del Sol
comical - J-E-N-O-V-A
corel - Mining Town
corneo - Don Of The Slums
crwin - A Great Success
crlost - Tango Of Tears
date - Interrupted By Fireworks
dokubo - Underneath The Rotting Pizza
dun2 - Chasing The Black Caped Man
earislo - Flowers Blooming In The Church
earis - Aerith's Theme - Aeris' Theme
elec - Electric De Chocobo
fanfare - Fanfare2 (this should be the second fanfare not the first as stated. This one is the shortened version only for the Parade in Junon.
fan2 - Fanfare (the normal fanfare, extended version.)
fiddle - Fiddle De Chocobo
fin - World Crisis
geki - Debut
gold1 - Gold Saucer
gun - A Full Scale Attack
guitar2 - On The Other Side Of The Mountain
hen - Who Am I
hiku - The Highwind Takes To The Skies
horror - Trail Of Blood
iseki - You Can Hear The Cries Of The Planet
jukai - The Forested Temple
junon - Off The Edge Of Dispair
jyro - Steal The Tiny Bronco
ketc - Cait Sith's Theme
kita - The Great North Cave
kurai - Anxious Heart
lb1 - Birth Of A God
lb2 - One Winged Angel ( Yayayay! <3)
ld - Judgement Day
mati - Ahead On Our Way
makoro - Makou Reactor
mekyu - Reunion
mura1 - Parochial Town
oa - Opening - Bombing Mission
ob - (JUST Bombing Mission)
odds - Chocobo Racing
over2 - Requiem
parade - Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony
pj - Jenova Absolute
pre - Prelude
red - Red XIII's Theme
rhythm - The Turk's Theme
riku - Shinra Explodes
ro - The Countdown Begins
roll - Staff Roll
rocket - Oppressed People
rukei - The Sandy Badlands
sadsid - Sending A Dream Into The Universe
sadbar - Mark Of The Traitor
seto - The Great Warrior
sea - A Secret, Sleeping In The Deep Sea
sido - It's Difficult To Walk On Both Feet Isn't It
siera - If You Open Your Heart
sinraslo - Infiltrating Shinra Tower
si - Shinra Explodes 2
sid2 - Cid's Theme
sinra - The Shinra Corporation - The Shinra Company
snow - Buried In The Snow
ta - Main FFVII Theme
tb - Main FFVII Theme
tender - Holding My Thoughts In My Heart
tifa - Tifa's Theme
tm - On That Day Five Years Ago
utai - Wutai Theme - Uutai Ruins
vincent - The Nightmare Begins - Vincent's Theme
walz - Waltz De Chocobo
weapon - Weapon Raid
yado - Good Night Until Tomorrow
yufi2 - Stolen Materia
yufi - Decendent Of The Shinobi
yume - Who Are You

EDIT: Can I also add that Bombing Mission, Fanfare 2, Shinra Explodes 1 and 2 are unavailable in the normal OST's.

If you wish to have these files you must either find an MP3 Trimmer to cut part of the song out, or I can have mine up for download if allowed/requested.

6. At the bottom of this section, where it says "Paths to search for music files:", replace the paths listed with wherever you put your music files.

Make sure there aren't any spaces in these paths, or FF7Music will likely parse them wrong and not work correctly. (e.g. "C:\ff7songs\" is okay, "C:\ff7 songs" is not).

If you're using Windows Vista or later, click Save and Exit and close the program for now.
7. If you're using Windows XP or earlier, skip this step.

Download and install LoopBe1 (the bottom link on that page).

8. If you're using Windows XP or earlier, skip this step.

In ff7config.exe, change your midi driver to "LoopBe Internal MIDI". If you're using Aali's custom graphics driver, make sure to run his .reg file again after this.

9. If you're using Windows XP or earlier, skip this step.

Right click on ff7.exe and choose properties. In the compatibility tab, set it to run in Windows 98 mode.

10. If you're using Windows XP or earlier, skip this step.

Right click on FF7Music.exe and choose properties. In the compatibility tab, set it to run in Windows XP SP2 mode, and check "Run this program as an administrator".

11. Back in FF7Music.exe configuration, in the Playback Options tab, where it says

"Midi device", choose the device that Final Fantasy VII is configured to use. If you're using Windows Vista or later, choose "LoopBe Internal MIDI".
At this point, you should be ready to go! Just make sure to launch the game from FF7Music.exe instead of from your regular start menu shortcut or from ff7.exe