Main char

To Start I recommend downloading the Rejuvenation Project this is the most complete current version of a program created by ice_cold513.

This program edits the original sprites with a better high resolution version and to top it off they have hands too!!!!

To use this program you first need to download LPG Tools by ficedula.

Also the DLL File for it to work

To start you need create a new folder called char in

C:\Program Files\Square Soft, Inc\Final Fantasy VII\data\field

Then open LPG tools find File, Open LPG and look for the Char LPG

Its in the same location as above. Then Extract it in to the newly created Char folder. (These steps need to be followed to add any new character model)

Now run the Rejuvenation exe file and follow the on screen instruction.

Create a backup of Char.LPG

Then you need to pack char folder back into an LPG achieve file using the LPG tool and replace the original Char.LPG.

To create your own models I recommend heading over to

For the complete ins and out..

Special thanks to Refoopseman for putting together this site

Individual ModelsEdit