Getting Started
Before you start you`ll need

Version 1.02 Patch which is the latest official Version

Chocobo Patch with stops the game crashing on the Chocobo Races

Resolution Mod allows for custom resolution. Download extract into FFVII folder, Open config EXE, Select Cusom Driver in Graphics.

Laptop Patch This is to change the default controls as they are not on a laptop keyboard

True Motion Codec Allows you to play FFVII movies on Media Player and in Video editors, It also replaces the Yamaha driver which won`t install in Windows 64bit editions.

K-Lite Codec Pack Helps with any playback issues with FMV`s during the Game.

Any CD DLLThis means you can use any disc to play, So you can use CD3 to play CD1 for example and you will never need to change disc. To get it to work, Extract the DLL into the FFVII folder, Use notepad to open the file `FF7_opengl.cfg` add the line `load_library = FF7anyCD.dll` save and done.

Video Edits

Create this Folder


In the FFVII folder

The registry needs to be edited so you can play the videos from the HDD instead of the CD first press Start, Run then type regedit and press OK

The path you need to find is

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SOFTWARE, Square soft inc, Final Fantasy VII

If you can`t find this reg file due to Windows version Type Final Fantasy VII into search and it should come up.

Now on the right hand side find Moviepath and change it to

C:\Program Files\Square Soft, Inc\Final Fantasy VII\Movies\

(A \ must be at the end of the directory)

(If you`ve installed it on C: obviously)

Now copy the files from the CD and your done.

(I plan to make a regedit doc soon)

There are other tools available at FF7 Universe and Ficedula…..